The Lilly Pad of West Palm Beach, Florida is located only 5 minutes walking distance to the Triangle Club .

Triangle Club Mission: “Our purpose is to provide a safe, secure, and sober environment in order to extend the reach of hope, encouragement, help and support to individuals and families affected by alcoholism. To maintain the clubhouse for members to meet for twelve-step work in privacy and comfort. To provide space for 12-Step groups’ meetings. We provide and promote social, recreational, and entertainment functions consistent with the overall aims of the Recovery community.”
They host many events that are in a sober environment to build on the fellowship and fun that recovery offers. Many of us believe without drugs and alcohol our lives will be boring and uneventful. Learning to enjoy life clean and sober is an important step in the recovery process.

CAFE: “The Triangle Club sets itself apart by offering a full cafe to serve anyone who walks through the doors for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just to fellowship! With a full menu, our cafe is open from 6:00am until the last meeting of the day!”

The Sober Living Home is also located within walking distance to the Grandview Market Place.